About the office

"Research and Development Institute Wisdom" is an independent, non profitable, scientific, research and development institution in support of ShLUJ Wisdom University... more

Areas of Expertise

To achieve its aim the Research and Development Institute offers expertise in these areas:
a.To explore and to conduct scientific research in these fields Law Sciences, Economic Sciences, Social Sciences ... more

The staff

The Research and Development Institute WISDOM has a staff commited to promote research and development in the relevant areas to meet higher levels and standards... more

Research and development Institute Wisdom


is a non-governmental and non-profit institute established in 2015 in Tirana, Albania. The Institute was founded by " Wisdom " Ltd. The Research and Development Institute WISDOM started its activity in 4 sessions :


-To anayze, study, write recommandations, to publish scientific works, manuals, brochure, leaflets , newpapers, journals and books, etc
-To organize scientific seminars, meetings, workshops, conferences in collaboration with other national and international institutions
-To promote the advanced national and international in the process of lecturing and learning
-The institute will collaborate with national and international organization.


The Research and Development Institute WISDOM will be a great support to Wisdom University which aims to become a leading education institution offering opportunities for education and research to the Albanian students, contributing to the promotion of Tirana as a regional centre of learning and original research, and establishing cooperation with similarly internationally profiled institutions of higher education elsewhere in Europe and the world.